Millennials Increasingly Using Social Media to Challenge Harassment and Discrimination

Fifty-five percent of millennials — today’s 80 million-strong generation of 18 to 34 year olds — say a prospective employer’s online reputation matters as much as the job it offers, according to a survey by Spherion Staffing. As someone who wrote her … Continue reading

Harassment Investigations: New NLRB Decision Complicates Them Even More

A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”)  has complicated even further the already challenging world of conducting investigations into allegations of workplace harassment.  In light of this new ruling, it’s ever more important employers use well-trained investigators … Continue reading

GitHub Employee Takes to Social Media After Internal Complaint of Harassment and Sexism Not Addressed Satisfactorily

Eighty-four percent of employees who report a compliance concern outside their company first reported the concern internally.  It was only after the employer failed to address the concern satisfactorily that the employee reported the concern to a third-party outside the … Continue reading

Former KY State Rep John Arnold and Other Elected Officials May Face Personal Liability for Alleged Retaliation

Kentucky attorney Thomas Clay, who represents the two women who claim former Kentucky state representative John Arnold sexually harassed them, says that Mr. Arnold’s resignation does not end the matter.  Mr. Clay is not satisfied with the internal investigation conducted by … Continue reading

“My Disability Made Me Do It,” Seems to Say The San Diego Mayor: Sexual Harassment vs. Disability Discrimination

  Whew!  The San Diego Mayor’s saga of harassment allegations, dogged determination to stay in office, and recent completion of in-patient treatment could make an employment attorney’s head spin! It’s definitely provided sufficient fodder for any number of scenarios for employment attorneys … Continue reading