Employment Blawg Carnival: Haunted House Edition

Employment Blawg Haunted HouseWelcome brave souls!

This month’s edition of the Employment Blawg Carnival is hosted by fellow employment law blogger Timothy Eavenson and is dubbed the “Haunted House Edition.”

Yours truly appears in the The Forgotten Passage, where Tim writes:

We’ll finally make it into the passage, but what’s that sound? It’s like something followed us in! Slowly you turn…to see…THE EEOC!!!  There they are, haunting you from beyond the government shutdown grave! And, as you run away, you’ll hear Lorene Schaefer’s warnings fill the passageway: Beware EEOC’s Conciliation Efforts! 5,000 souls have already been shortchanged!

Click here to read Tim’s fun description of what other employment law frights lurk in the Haunted House Edition of the Employment Blawg Carnival.

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