HR Magazine: Being a Super Sleuth

HR MagazineThanks to HR Magazine writer, Dori Meinert, for extensively quoting me in her article “How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation” in the December 2014 edition of HR Magazine.  

Ms. Meinert’s article provides great insights for HR professionals and others responsible for investigating complaints of workplace misconduct.  She also provides prudent suggestions for HR and operational managers on how to avoid costly mistakes in responding to internal complaints of workplace misconduct

Click here to read the full article in HR Magazine titled – “How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation.”

About the Author: Lorene F. Schaefer, Esq. specializes in conducting prompt, impartial and thorough investigations. As President of Workplace Investigations Group, she also regularly delivers investigation training to employees responsible for Title IX compliance and investigation. She is also the author of Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Internal Investigations of Harassment, Discrimination & Retaliation, which will be published in 2015 by the ABA.

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