Investigator Diane Citrino, Esq. Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine

Diane Citrino, Esq.Regardless of how well operated an organization is, there will, inevitably, come a time when a compliance concern is raised that needs to be investigated. Planning for that day is absolutely critical.

Ask yourself: Who do you have within your organization or in your rolodex who is experienced, well-trained and ready to conduct the necessary prompt, impartial and thorough investigation into an allegation of workplace misconduct or compliance concern?

Today, it is my pleasure to share an article that features one such investigator – Diane Citrino, Esq.  Diane is an attorney located in Cleveland, Ohio and a member of the Workplace Investigation Group, a nationwide network of employment attorneys who conduct impartial investigations into allegations of workplace misconduct, such as harassment, discrimination, retaliation and more.

To learn more about Diane’s legal practice and how she draws on her childhood heroes of Nancy Drew and Perry Mason when she conducts independent corporate investigations click here to access the full Attorney at Law article.


workplace investigations groupWorkplace Investigations Group offers a National Directory of well-qualified attorneys who conduct impartial internal investigations.  All of its workplace investigators have 10+ years of employment law experience and have agreed to support their responsibilities to the professional and impartial workplace investigations process and the parties that they serve. It also delivers training to in-house counsel, risk managers, human resources professionals and others on how to conduct internal investigations that will withstand third-party scrutiny.  Click here for information on upcoming training in Atlanta, Houston, and Washington D.C.


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