Should Clipper Owner Follow Github Co-Founder’s Lead?


Which debacle should we watch?

Choice one:  The Los Angeles Clippers and their embattled owner, Donald Sterling, who seems to have been caught on tape making racist comments that are causing the fast exodus of sponsors.  The  NBA is scheduled to hold a news conference tomorrow about its investigation into the alleged comments.

Choice two:  Github – where the co-founder resigned following an independent investigations into widely distributed social media  allegations of a sexist environment, hostile work environment and retaliation made by a female developer.  Faced with harassment and retaliation allegations, Github commissioned an independent investigation and has released two press releases about the independent report.

Github has not released the entire report, although today its CEO posted a blog that began “[l}ast Monday I published the least open and least transparent blog post GitHub has ever written.”  

Github went on to apologize for lack of transparency in discussing the investigation that it commissioned into the allegations and provided a summary of the investigation process and its results.  

As regards the findings about the co-founder the blog said:

Founder allegations. The investigation found Tom Preston-Werner in his capacity as GitHub’s CEO acted inappropriately, including confrontational conduct, disregard of workplace complaints, insensitivity to the impact of his spouse’s presence in the workplace, and failure to enforce an agreement that his spouse should not work in the office. There were also issues surrounding the solicitation of GitHub employees for non-GitHub business and the inappropriate handling of employee concerns regarding those solicitations.

After being presented with the results we felt Tom could no longer be an effective leader at GitHub. He offered his resignation and we accepted.

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