Employers Encouraged to Adopt Guiding Principles for Conducting Impartial Workplace Investigations

In 2012, the Association of Workplace Investigators (“AWI”) released its Guiding Principles for Conducting Impartial Workplace Investigations.  The AWI is a nonprofit with a stated mission “to promote and support workplace investigations as a distinct area of expertise and to … Continue reading

Seven Tips for Selecting an Investigator to Conduct A Fair, Unbiased and Professional Workplace Investigation

I spoke this week at the HR Star Conference here in Atlanta and at the conference had a great discussion with some HR professionals on the importance of conducting fair, unbiased and professional workplace investigations.  One of the HR managers … Continue reading

Best Practices for Assessing Witness Credibility in Workplace Investigations

One of the most important and often most challenging tasks of the workplace investigator is to make credibility determinations about witnesses.  Over the years, a common mistake I’ve seen investigators make in investigating allegations of workplace misconduct is failing to … Continue reading