Workplace Investigator Sindy Warren Invited to Present to EEOC Task Force

Sindy Warren, Workplace InvestigatorEarlier this year, the EEOC announced the formation of the Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace.  Its purpose is to examine the problem of workplace harassment in all of its forms and look for ways by which it might be prevented and addressed.

The Task Force is being co-chaired by EEOC Commissioners Chai R. Feldblum and Victoria A. Lipnic and is comprised of 16 members from around the country, including representatives of academia and social science; legal practitioners on both the plaintiff and defense side; employers and employee advocacy groups; and organized labor.

As President of Workplace Investigations Group (“WIG”), I am thrilled to announce that WIG member Sindy Warren, Esq. has been invited to present at an upcoming public hearing that is being held by the Task Force.  Membership in WIG is limited to attorneys with 10+ years of employment law experience and who meet WIG’s Expert Qualification Criteria.  They are all also committed to meeting the Responsibilities of WIG Expert Investigators.

Sindy Warren, Esq. is the principal for Warren & Associates in Cleveland, Ohio and conducts workplace investigations, creates and presents training programs on a wide variety of employment law and human resources issues, and acts as an as-needed human resources department for private and public employers, both large and small, throughout Northeast Ohio and nationally.  She has investigated many employee complaints, including complaints of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, fraud and other workplace misconduct. The EEOC sought Sindy out based on her years of experience investigating issues of harassment in the workplace.


workplace investigations groupWorkplace Investigations Group offers a National Directory of well-qualified attorneys who conduct impartial internal investigations.  All of its workplace investigators have 10+ years of employment law experience and have agreed to support their responsibilities to the professional and impartial workplace investigations process and the parties that they serve. It also delivers training to in-house counsel, risk managers, human resources professionals and others on how to conduct internal investigations that will withstand third-party scrutiny.  Click here for information on upcoming training in Washington D.C., Miami, FL, Las Vegas, NV, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, St. Louis, MO, and Newton, MA.

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